To book a service contact us:

0207 622 1334

or just pop in and see us for any small repairs!





  • Checking all parts for wear
  • Fitting of any new parts
  • Truing both wheels
  • Tuning gears and brakes
  • Checking all bolts are tight
  • Light clean of the frame
  • Pumping the tyres
  • Checking condition of headset and bottom bracket



  • Everything included in the General Service plus....
  • Remove bottom bracket and headset, checked, clean and re-grease
  • Deep clean the frame and forks
  • Hydraulic brakes bled if required
  • Thoroughly check frame for damage
  • Clean wheel rims / rotors and hubs



  • Includes everything in the General Service
  • New rear hinge bushings and seat post shim installed
  • Thoroughly check frame for any damage
  • Remove bottom bracket, checked, clean and re-grease
  • Clean wheel rims and hubs



Our workshop also carries out a full range of smaller repairs, here is an estimated price list for some of the repairs:


  • Puncture repair / tyre replacement
  • Brake adjustment
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Headset tighten
  • Replace a cable
  • Bartape replacement / fitting
  • Stem / handlebar replacement
  • Full mudguard fitting


  • Front and rear gear tune
  • Hydraulic brake bleed
  • Wheel true
  • Headset strip and regrease
  • Bottom bracket replace / re-grease
  • Cassette and chain replacement
  • Wheel replacement
  • Derailleur replacement


  • Wheel building
  • Crash damage assessment including thorough check of frame/parts and note for insurer
  • Boxing up bike for shipping including box

Tubeless tyre installation also available. If you don't see what you need, feel free to call us or email

*all prices are estimates and we can provide a more precise quote when we see the bike